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It’s A Boy!

The stories I hear and the people I meet make coming to the salon for 12 hours at a time worth it. Such is the case with Jacqui Solomon.

The night I met her, I was so tired I could have fallen into my Uber that night with no defense. Exhausted would be a better word. Not to mention that I was irritated to boot. The salon owner asked if I could take just one more. I said, “No…” making sure not to look in Jacqueline’s direction.

Then I couldn’t help myself. Her voice was kind and apologetic. I turned to her smiling face. Willing to wait with her feet in the water, until it was her turn to be serviced. The sincerity in her eyes drew me to a point that I couldn’t just leave her sitting there.

Darn it!

I caved and gathered my implements for her pedicure. From the moment I spoke with her, we became fast friends. But what bonded or connected us was the connection of our faith. I didn’t know that a conversation over which color to pick for her nails would be divinely prophetic in some way.

Jacqueline Solomon of Jacqu of All Arts wearing OPI It's a Boy at RAW Artists Detroit

Jacqueline Solomon of Jacq of All Arts wearing OPI It’s a Boy at RAW Artists Detroit

Yes, the pale blue color was super cute. I mean so classy and fun that I was going to wear it myself last summer. It fit her cedar sand color skinned beautifully. We both loved it!

Once her pedicure and manicure services were complete. I committed to attend the RAW Artist event that she was going to be a part of later that month showcasing her henna artistry. Which is when I met Syd, the love of her life!

Syd was all she talked about in one way or another. I thought they had just met one, maybe two years before and were¬†still in the honeymoon phase. Nope, these guys have been with each other since forever now. What I was witnessing wasn’t a phase at all. They are best friends, lovers, confidants, and partners in crime. LOL!

Syd was lively, loving, and accommodating to the needs of his bride. I felt like I had known him forever, chatting about food and his love of entertaining made me want to be around them both again in a more social atmosphere.

Fast forward a few months. We had seen each other on Instagram and Facebook, but truthfully, I hadn’t been that socially active with all that I had going on at the time. Then one day, in walks Jacqueline, 7 months pregnant, glowing, smiling, satisfied. I was so shocked!

I can’t believe that I had missed the baby announcement! I grabbed her and hugged her. We smiled and she caught me up. Then I asked, “Do you know what you’re having?” She laughed to let me know I already knew the answer.

“It’s a boy!”

And two months later, five days before her due date, we applied our favorite OPI shade again. Within a week, Steele Solomon was born.

I’m crying tears of joy for Jacqui and Syd every time I think of their new little bundle of love. So from my clients that know them and myself, we are screaming, “Congratulations guys! It’s a Boy!”

My client Jacqueline with her husband Sydney after the birth of their son, Steele, rocking her signature color, It’s a Boy! by OPI.

I love you guys to life!

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