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My Heel Spur Story: Can A Pedicure Stop Chronic Heel Pain?

My Heel Spur Journey

dte-logoMany of you have sat in my chair and laughed at my DTE Chronicles. Stories about my nearly 2-year stint as a customer service representative at the energy giant.

But, what many of you don’t know is how badly my heel was hurting most of the time. The severity of the pain as I was shaping, designing, and smiling through your service was indescribable at times. But what could I say? “Hey, I’m crying inside; I’m in pain and I can’t figure out what to do to make it better?”

Seeking Help

The podiatrist suggested several evasive treatments, but none of them were going to give me immediate relief. Actually, one of them was going to make the already unbearable pain worse before it would get better. In the end, he stated that most heel spurs go away or stop hurting after 6-9 months on their own. What!!!????

Was he really telling me that if you can suffer through for 6-9 months of pain, you would eventually be fine. Forget that!

Back to my reflexology and massage training. A few YouTube videos coupled with an ice pack. Determined that there had to be a reason for the pain and a way to treat it. I needed help that was shorter than 6-9 months. (I secretly think he was crazy).

Plantar Fascia

plantar-fasciitisAfter listening in a blur of heel pain, I do remember him telling me that a heel spur was caused by a calcification that builds up in the heel. He also explained that the plantar fascia was not being stretched as often as it needed to in order to stop the heel spur from forming. (Blah, blah, blah)

Hence, the plantar fascia was to blame huh? Well we will just see about that?

During my search for relief, I discovered that heel spurs are actually pretty common. Learning that there are a few options for getting rid of heel spurs at home gave me hope. I was psyched to know that my clients who came in for pedicures where in for a treat. Since realizing that heel spurs are totally avoidable, my foot massages started to change.

After that, I immediately begin to spend a few moments stretching the plantar fascia during during every pedicure service. In my mind, anything I could possibly do to help my client’s foot stay heel spur free got me excited. There is no way, I’d want any one of you to experience the pain that I have endured over the last 6 months.

The Perfect Pedicure?

However, for those of you who are already suffering with heel pain. I must warn you; a pedicure is not a cure all for lasting heel spur relief. Pedicures are wonderful. They not only offer a great deal of relief to aching, tired feet. In addition, pedicures are arguably essential for cosmetic beautification of feet and toes. When it comes to heel spurs, the massage and reflexology techniques must be applied with greater concentration during the pedicure alone.

Please don’t expect to walk in a salon to get a basic 30 minute pedicure for heel spur relief. It’s just not going to happen. Instead, let your nail professional know that you are having pain from heel spurs. An experienced professional will offer you a pedicure option that includes an extended massage and recommend some techniques that you can do at home to help with the correcting the problem permanently.

Fixing My Fascia Problem

Heel spurs need to be attacked at the source, by giving attention to the plantar fascia. Here are just a few tips to help keep your feet free of dreaded heel spur pain.

  • Stretch your calf muscles a few times a day. Before and after prolonged sitting. If you know you’re about to go into a two-hour meeting. Stretch your calves under the table a few times during the meeting.
  • Wearing shoes that provide good arch support has been a requirement of mine for a long time. I stopped purchasing shoes for the ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’ factor. Yes, do I have shoes that are ‘cute’ and ‘sexy’? Yes. Be that as it may, that is no longer my only requirement when purchasing a pair of shoes. There was a time that those were the only two factors I considered. (Other than whether they were on sale.)

overweightAfter limping to the beat of my heels clicking on the pavement. I’m more concerned with how my feet feel while I’m rockin’ that cute sexiness. Otherwise, it’s just not worth it.

  • Finally, I need to lose some weight! I raise my hand and tell the truth. I was overweight when I started at DTE Energy. But when I got up from my desk and walked out, I was 62 lbs heavier than I was when I walked in.

The only person to blame for that is me. That weight gain lies squarely on my shoulders. Coincidentally, I can tell you guys that when I started to shed a few pounds, my heel spur pain was not as severe. Which made it easier to walk more. And walk I have.

In addition to losing a little weight, I have also been able to walk further and just joined my local Black Girls Run! chapter. My heel does hurt a little at times, but I found a wonderfully effective heel spur massage video that I pull out a few times a week to help when I have walked a lot. It literally relieves my heel pain instantly.

When you want to truly improve the pain of a heel spur. I suggest weight loss, arch support and stretching. All of which helped me tremendously when I was at the height of pain.

Hopefully, my story will do the same for you.

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