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Finger Favs: OPI Washington DC Collection

Hey guys!

Okay, so I know that I have not been posting a lot lately. But I’m back in full effect!

I wanted to give you guys a little update on the OPI Washington DC Fall/Winter 2016 collection that I saw at the nail supply store that one of fellow nail techs turned me on to today.

While I was in the store I caught a glimpse of OPI’s Washington DC Collection F/W 2016 featuring Kerry Washington.the washington collection Although I am a Kerry Washington fan, I am not a fan of the television show Scandal. With that said,  I was really happy to hear that she was going to be the OPI Creative Ambassador for The Washington DC Collection. She has a really classy style aesthetic. Whenever I see photos of her runway looks, she always has a good command of colors and style with a fashion forward edge.


OPI has so many collections to choose from that I always find it hard to select my favorite shades. The OPI Washington DC Collection was no different.

My first impression of the collection was that the collection was a ‘safe’ representation overall for a corporate professional in any part of the world. But then I walked closer to the counter and was able to get a real sense of the depth of color that these rich shades offer I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

OPI’s Nail Studio features a great tool for trying nail shades virtually before you buy and gives a great sense of what the shade will look like on your skin tone and nail length. Go there now to try the Fall/Winter collection to select your favorites and get a look at all 15 colors for yourself.

OPI Washington DC Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

After I viewed the colors in person, I discovered that there were 6 colors that I couldn’t leave the store without.

My Finger Favs of the OPI Washington DC Fall/Winter 2016 Collection are:

  • CIA=Color is Awesome
  • Stay Off the Lawn!!
  • Never a Dulles Moment
  • Pale to the Chief
  • Freedom of Peach
  • Shh…It’s Top Secret!

Another couple mentionables about this collection…

  1. All the colors are creme finish…Which I LOVE!
  2. There are (3) Limited Edition shades in this collection (Inside the ISABELLEtway, “Liv” in the Gray, and Kerry Blossom).

OPI cranks out colors faster than an M&M factory. It’s a mystery how they do it, but what I have noticed is the subtle similarities in shades from previous collections. This collection is no different.

For my clients, I selected colors that I thought offered enough variance and surprise to stand out in the upcoming Fall/Winter season. I will probably grab a few more in the coming days, so I would like your opinion, which colors are your Finger Favs™?

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